Products that Teach the Executive Function Skills of Attention

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Personalized game applications that instantly respond to each player’s performance

ATENTIVmynd™ Games are truly personalized to each player by our ‘in-game’ proprietary calibrations of attention levels and the player’s relative performance in moving through multiple challenge tasks that teach and sustain new executive function skills. As each player’s attention levels rise into an optimized learning zone, a series of thirteen skill challenges emerge within a captivating adventure story. Performance against each challenge regulates the emerging adventure story to maximize engagement and skill development. Children learn to instantly recognize, push away and ignore distractions and suppress their impulsivity at home, school and in life, helping them to overcome their struggles due to poor attention and impulse control skills.

Each ATENTIVmynd™ Game takes about 8 hours of about 24 training sessions spread over 6-8 weeks. Each adventure story takes about 20-25 minutes to play through to end.P

Driven by the child’s own attention brain waves

ATENTIVmynd™ Games fully engage each child into a virtual world, driven only by the child’s own attention brain waves. Controlling their attention and impulsivity enables the child to overcome multiple challenges, each a component of thirteen attention and impulse control skills such as focused, sustained, divided, selective and alternating attention and behavioral inhibition, self-regulation, delayed gratification, novelty inhibition and more. Collectively, the child learns to utilize and apply each skill several times within the virtual world, including methods that reinforce and transfer these new skills to real-world practice. Completing the adventure series within an ATENTIVmynd™ Game significantly increases the child’s power of sustaining focused concentration and dodging distraction. 

FOCUSforward™ Learning keeps the level of skill achievement just ahead of a child’s current performance levels and guides the child toward their potential skill performance level. Within each ATENTIVmynd™ Game, FOCUSforward™ Learning motivates a child to raise their attention to achieve their highest performance level while being challenged with one or more tasks that teach other unique cognitive skills. A proprietary algorithm converts the child’s attention level or state into a value from 0-100%, enabling the child to use their attention levels to control the speed of the game. Therefore, the ATENTIVmynd™ Game applications fully engage the child in a total awareness of their variability and sustainability of attention levels, which they rapidly learn to control using their own will. In stark contrast, many training programs use feedback or neurofeedback, which measures a child’s performance against population of participants with normal behavior to provide an instruction to the child to change their attention, behavior, and action when and if the same event reoccurs. Feedback can only offer a ‘post-game’ commentary that is difficult to apply retrospectively and does not train any of the inherent executive function skills.