Biotech Showcase 2018/Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase 2018

Atentiv’s Founder and CEO Presents Behavioral Healthcare Partnering Strategy

San Francisco, CA, January 8-10, 2018

NeuroAdvance 2017 Harvard Medical School

Atentiv’s Founder and CEO Moderates Panel: Digital Advances and Disruptive Innovation

Boston, MA, October 11, 2017

BrainFutures 2017 Conference

Atentiv’s Founder and CEO Presents If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Washington, DC, September 7, 2017

NeuroAdvance 2016 Harvard Medical School

Atentiv’s Founder and CEO Moderates Panel: Progress in Neurogaming

Boston, MA, October 5, 2016

Emerging Technology Loan Helps Finance Atentiv Holdings Technology to Reverse ADHD

MassDevelopment has provided a $3 million working capital term loan from the Emerging Technology Fund to Atentiv Holdings, Inc. The Waltham-based company is using loan proceeds to help fuel its growth as it introduces the ATENTIVmynd™ Games to the medical, consumer and education market. The Emerging Technology Fund loan will support costs associated with manufacturing, molds and design prototypes of AV™ Headsets, finished inventories and new full-time personnel. Atentiv expects its growth will create about 94 new jobs.

April 4, 2016


Attention Therapeutics publishes results of a randomized controlled study in the Journal of Attention Disorders (JAD) demonstrating improvements in attention and academic performance.

Waltham, Mass.  – Attention Therapeutics LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ATENTIV LLC, announced the publication of the results of a groundbreaking study in the Journal of Attention Disorders demonstrating the promise for a sustained nonpharmacological treatment for ADHD.

February 16, 2016


Introducing ATENTIVmynd™ Games in ADDitude Magazine

Yes! Your child can naturally and rapidly learn to sustain attention and improve academic performance and home behavior.

Fall 2015


What if we prescribed video games, and not Ritalin, to treat ADHD?

One of five high school boys is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here's how gaming may change that.

In an excerpt from his book; "The Game Believes in You", Greg Toppo explores how digital games can inspire and motivate children - and result in better learning outcomes.

May 11, 2015


ATENTIV at the Learning & the Brain® Conference

Learning & the Brain® ( brings neuroscientists and educators together to explore new research on the brain and learning and its implications for education. These conferences and summer institutes bring cutting-edge neuroscience and educational research directly from the researchers themselves to educators, clinicians, counselors, speech-language and special education professionals to improve their practice.

Data from ATENTIV’s school study were presented, showing reversal of the core symptoms of inattention and inhibition, as well as improvements in academic performance as assessed by objective, well-validated measures. Among the conference highlights

February 13-15, 2014


Learning & The Brain - Teaching Self-Aware Minds: Using Brain Training to Boost Social and Emotional Skills.

Ashley McDermott, Ph.D., Poster Presentation at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel, San Francisco, CA

February 13-15, 2014


ATENTIV - not your father’s brain training.

Thanks to the discovery of Neuroplasticity, perhaps the single greatest advanced in neuroscience in the past 25 years, we live in the era of “brain training”. This includes programs, software, games, interactive online activities, and much more. It’s exciting and confusing, but here Dr. Hallowell explains it!

Spring 2014


Your Brain Is Not the Hard-Wired Machine You Think It Is:

For many years, it was believed that the human brain is essentially hardwired—that we are born with a set of cognitive abilities, which are more or less unalterable for the rest of our lives. But the discovery of neuroplasticity—our brain’s ability to selectively transform itself in response to certain experiences—has proven to be one of the biggest paradigm shifts that neuroscience has seen over the last 25 years.

January 10, 2014


Innovation Agents: Can Your Brain Really be Trained? Anya Kamenetz, Fast Company

That’s a question being asked more often than ever. Many are saying yes and developing training to prove it!

December 10, 2013


ATENTIV Inc. Secures $8M Financing to Advance Product Applications to Commercialization and Appoints New Members to Board of Directors

Cambridge, Mass. [April 4, 2013] – ATENTIV Inc., a company providing consumers, educators, payers and clinicians with digital learning applications for children and adults, today announced it has closed an additional $8 million round of financing. The funds will be used to advance its proprietary technology platform™ the ATENTIV™ System— to market.

April 4, 2013


ATENTIV Inc. Featured as Top Company to Watch in 2013/2014 in SharpBrains’ Digital Brain Health Market Report

Cambridge, Mass. [December 5, 2012] – Today, ATENTIV Inc. announced that it has been named one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2013/2014 by an independent market research firm, SharpBrains, Inc.

December 5, 2012


ATENTIV Inc. launched to advance personalized educational tools to significantly improve personal productivity in the classroom, work and life

Cambridge, Mass. and Singapore [October 18, 2011] – ATENTIV Inc. has been formed to advance personalized digital learning tools to significantly improve attention, learning and other cognitive skills in children and adults.

October 18, 2011



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