ATENTIV was the first company to pioneer digital therapies for behavioral disorders due to developmental delays of cognitive skills, initially for ADHD. It is combining scientific and clinical rigor, with the ingenuity of the tech industry and the power of big data analytics into a platform of products for use by providers, health care insurers and employers. Atentiv’s products deliver treatments not through a pill but through a creative and immersive action adventure video game to treat cognitive deficiencies and improve symptoms associated with behavioral disorders.

ATENTIV is deeply committed to delivering the promise of new cognitive skills for millions of children around the world who have struggled to develop these skills. By working as a team, in partnership with parents, providers, payers, employers and educators, we seek to drive transformative improvements in school, home, work and life.

The Growing Need:

The inability to manage one’s cognitive skills underlying attention and impulse control in school, work and at home affects tens of millions of people. It is estimated that this problem exists for as many as 1 in 9 children and 1 in 14 adults. For these individuals, there are serious lifelong consequences and missed opportunities in school and life. For the families, there are unbearable stresses, emotional pain and disruption of family life. As a result, there is an enormous global demand for simple, engaging, drug-free and validated digital tools that maximize attention and impulse control throughout an individual’s life.

Our Solution:

ATENTIVmynd™ Games enable any person to uniquely control the video game action through a personalized brain-to-computer interface that precisely connects one’s attention circuitry to driving live action video in real-time. This proprietary technology enables selective measurement, targeting and activation of the personal cognitive neural systems. Adaptive cognitive modeling algorithms automatically deliver cognitive skill challenges ‘or dose’ for a personalized therapeutic experience. A series of missions within each action adventure story each stimulate targeted cognitive skills development and maintain engagement through dramatic storylines, immersive art, sound, peer mentoring and reward cycles all designed to maximize treatment completion. This ‘closed-loop’ linkage between a person’s actual game performance and their brain’s attention circuitry has led to a demonstration of rapid, predictable and durable positive behavioral outcomes in multiple randomized and controlled clinical, school and home studies in over 400 ADHD children.

The ATENTIVmynd™ Games product platform was designed to provide a collaborative care management model among providers, payers, employers and parents to achieve targeted successful outcomes for significant cost savings over current regimens. Atentiv’s integration of tracking, objective measurements, reporting and follow-up with a rigorously developed evidenced-base enables the development of value-based provider payment models demanded by payers and employers.


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