ATENTIV is deeply committed to delivering the promise of new cognitive skills for millions of children around the world who have struggled to develop these skills before so that they can achieve success in school, at home and in life. By working as a team, in partnership with educators and clinicians, we seek to drive transformative change in education and many other areas of unmet educational and clinical need.

The Growing Need:

The inability to manage one’s cognitive skills underlying attention and impulse control in school, work and at home affects tens of millions of people. It is estimated that this problem exists for as many as 1 in 9 children and 1 in 14 adults. For these individuals, there are serious lifelong consequences and missed opportunities in school and life. For the families, there are unbearable stresses, emotional pain and disruption of family life. As a result, there is an enormous global demand for simple, engaging, drug-free and validated digital tools that maximize attention and impulse control throughout an individual’s life.

Our Solution:

The ATENTIVmynd™ Games is a product platform of personalized digital learning tools that uses an individual’s unique ‘cognitive signature’ of brain wave activity to measure, train and manage multiple cognitive function development that significantly improve attention and impulse control.

ATENTIVmynd™ Games are fun, personalized and interactive, using only the player’s mind to control the course of the game and skill development. For a child with poor attention and inhibition skills, training for just eight hours, twenty minutes a session three to four times a week over a six to eight week period can significantly improve the child's academic performance and behavior at home.


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